Serve Days are for groups who want to come together to care for our girls and women by serving in tangible, hands on projects. From lawn care to donation organization, your group’s time and energy goes along way in supporting our programs.


“We believe that the work you are doing greatly impacts Atlanta in a huge way and we are just excited to be a part of it.”

-Passion City Church, Love Atlanta 

“It was such a joy and pleasure getting to work alongside you.”

– Aubrey Stout, Gwinnett Church Outreach Coordinator

“We appreciate the kindness and generosity you offered during our Serve Day.”

– University of Tampa PEACE Volunteers

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in service and continue to change the lives of others for the better.”

– UPS Freight Corporate Teams

“Thank you for the amazing and meaningful work that you do. We are so thankful for you and the chance to partner with you today.”

– Deloitte


Can men serve at Serve Days?
Yes, men can serve at our Serve Days.
Can children serve at Serve Days?
No, unfortunately, those under 14 cannot serve at our Serve Days.
We can't serve on any of the dates listed, but have another date in mind. Are other dates possible?
Although the dates scheduled are preferred, it is possible. Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at to inquire about alternative dates.
I have more people than what's requested. Can we bring more?
Yes. Please send the final amount of volunteers to the Volunteer Services Coordinator at
We want to bring items to help the programs. What can we bring?
We have Amazon Wish Lists of items that would tremendously assist our programs. You can bring the wish list items to campus that day.
We would like to do a project at our Serve Day that is not described. Can we do other projects, as well?

Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at to inquire about doing additional projects on your Serve Day.


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