Poem from Independent Living Program Participant

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There was a day when I fell to my knees,
So lost, lonely, and filled with defeat.
I prayed, “Jesus if you’re real, will you please save me.”

God’s timing is perfect, he did not delay
Not even a week after I prayed,
3 missionaries knocked my door and had something to say.

Meeting after meeting with the missionaries
I realized God heard my prayer,
and opened doors to rescue me.

The program called Wellspring that he led me to,
Is where I surrendered my life,
and started to became brand new.

The streets had ruined me internally,
From all the hurt, abuse, and monstrosity.
I had built up walls for my emotional protection,
And never allowed myself to accept any affection.
“Let’s break down those walls so that you can be free,
They are keeping you from inner healing and trusting in me.”

“You can trust me”, is what I would constantly hear..
“I’ll never leave or forsake you,
And I promise, I will always be near.”

I would try and stop the racing thoughts in head,
But a thousand more thoughts would come instead.
“Stay focused on me, and get to know who I am,
come visit me in the spiritual realm.
I can teach you how to live and be free,
and how to not always be overwhelmed”.

“I know you want to be the virtuous woman I created you to be,
But you have to get to know me intimately.
Through your obedience, faith, and hope in me,
Soon will come trust, and then intimacy.”

In Wellspring, God’s grace, forgiveness, and mercy was shoved,
And through those heaven sent women,
I learned how to accept God’s unfailing and unconditional love.

I am so thankful and highly blessed..
My God likes to show out, he is a mess.
Wellspring has taught me how to trust the process.
That God has only plans of our success.

Some of his plans were:
My Ged, a job, to give back and volunteer,
And as I think about them, my eyes start to tear.

Those are not the only plans he has in store,
Nope, There is oh so much more.

Patiently waiting, I guess we will see,
What the next chapter is, that God has planned for me.
In this season, I can definitely see,
That in his time, it will be, to set other captives free.

Right now it’s just my time to enjoy this freedom.
That came by surrendering my kingdom, for his kingdom.
One day I’ll be the virtuous woman that he created me to be.
But for now, I’m alive and free. And so thankful to be a daughter of the one true king.